Tuesday, April 03, 2012


(A Poem)

Gave my word
Almost a vow
Never... ever
Yet here I am now

I was deeply lost
In your sea crest eyes
Felt a seething inside
Like fire on ice

All I had to do
Was to look away
Turn my back on you
But instead, I stayed

Unable to move
Like I was paralyzed
Boy, you had me
Completely mesmerized

Just one touch
That's all it took
And then the kiss
Now we are hooked

I was a fool
To believe I was strong
To suppress this love
I was proved wrong

I know it's wrong
In no way right
Yet I am holding on
With all my might

I am too weak
for a love so intense
I've given up questions
It's simply devoid of sense

All I know now
Is I love you
And all I care about
Is that you love me, too.

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