Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If I Decide to Die Today

(A Poem by a Mistress - emailed to her lover)

If I decide to die today
Here's what my heart has to say...
I lived in constant fears
I breathed in constant pain
I drank my endless tears
Drove me completely insane

You are the last man
That I loved and lost
You are the only man
I have loved the most

Thank you, baby
For the love you gave
I am sorry, baby
I am not so brave

To stick to the fight
Till it is all done
To hold on with all might
I chose to be gone

Didn't have the courage
To wait and see till the end
I was deathly afraid
You won't be mine in the end

I'm sorry for all the pain
That my folly caused you
I tried not to but tried in vain
Again and again, i hurt you

But will now face my fears
I will now end both our pain
And will now stop the tears
I will now be sane again

Farewell, my Love
I love you... goodbye
Farewell, sweet Love
For today...I decide to die.

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