Thursday, April 05, 2012

What are your plans this Holy Week-end?

In the Philippines, we have five days of holidays this Holy Week-end. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday…and it so happens that Monday is Day of Valor. That is almost one whole week! So what are you going to do with five days of no work?
Some people would do what they call Visita Iglesia and visit uhm… seven churches, I think. Some would march and pray in long processions of life-sized statues of Jesus and the saints. Some would go to some provinces where they hold religious rites or reenactment of the crucifixion. How about you? What are your plans?

Me? Well, I’m not really a churchgoer, but I do pray. And I’m not in the least religious at all. I don’t really have faith in religions. I actually distrust them. I guess you could say that my religion is LOVE. Love for one’s self, Love for others and above all, Love for God. Yes, I do believe in God. Maybe just not exactly in the way that other people do but I do believe in the Supreme Being.
So what do I suggest to do with the five days of freedom? Well, religious or not… or whatever beliefs you hold, I think it is the best time to do some reflection.
A reflection on yourself – spend some quality time “alone with yourself” …and with God. Talk to yourself and to God, “whatever you perceive him to be” (as what Ehrmann Maxwell said,). Have some sort of consultation – you, yourself and God. This may sound crazy to most people but it makes perfect sense to talk to one’s self. 

In today’s very busy life, we don’t get to think things through to realize what we really want or where we are really headed. We tend to float, drift and allow ourselves to be carried away to whatever direction the current takes us. Some would disagree with me and say, “No, I don’t! I know what I want and I’m right on track.” But pause and think again…do you? …really? If you spend some time alone and do a little digging, you might be surprised at what you would discover.
It doesn’t have to be just a reflection on yourself. It could be a reflection on your relationships, past or present. Relationship with your significant other, with your children, with your parents, with your brothers or sisters, with your friends and even with your boss. Yes, even with your boss and colleagues at work. This can help you find answers on why you don’t get along so well. You might discover that you are also at fault. Or you might learn to understand the other person better.
After you have reflected on things and have arrived to realization of sorts, pray for guidance. Then tell yourself what to do. Write a To-Do List and command yourself to do them. Be strict about it. Constantly remind yourself. Better if you do it every day. Trust me, it helps to do things that you would normally just give up on. 

I have this little notebook where I write conversations with myself and that is what I call it – Conversations with Myself. Most entries are arguments I have with myself. Second thoughts, third thoughts, up to the nth thought that my brain could think of. And crazy as it may sound, I write in a conversation format. Here’s a sample:

· * Why are you so sad?
· ** I dunno. At least, not exactly. Guess I’m lonely? Do I need a boyfriend?
· * I don’t think so. That is the last thing you need right now!
· ** Okay. 

Do not scoff at the idea of self-talk. It could set things in perspective and could even help you achieve things you want. Try it. You might be surprised at the wonders it would do to you :)
Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone! Make use of your free days wisely and fruitfully :)

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