Thursday, April 12, 2012


(A Poem - written as an advice to a friend)

I know how you feel
Not sure if you will
Continue or not
And it drives you nuts

Here's what you should do
So could make it through
Weigh things carefully, my dear
And face everything without fear

Listen to what your heart says
It can help you in many ways
Coz it's the key to understanding
What's within...and everything

If you are willing to sacrifice
You can now roll the dice
And anticipate the worst
But don't end it with a curse

But if you want to play it safe
You can now make an escape
Be practical, follow your head
And never know what lies ahead

It's all up to you, you see
If you're going to stay or flee
But whichever you choose
There's something you'll lose

So you have to be clever
To know which is better
And when you decide
Make it final and on your side.

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