Sunday, April 15, 2012


(A Poem of Young Love's worries)

Lying flatly on my bed
I tried to get some sleep
But before I shut my eyes
A vision of you peeped

Staring at the ceiling
I can see your face
Feeling cold on a summer night
I crave for your embrace

And when I close my eyes
I see pictures of your smiles
I suddenly yearn for you
But you're away a thousand miles

My mind then filled with thoughts of you
Of the precious moments we share
I remember every single gesture
Showing how much you care

Now I toss and turn on my bed
Though my eyes are heavy
Thinking you might have a change of heart
Disturbed and made me feel uneasy

So please come to me soon
To put an end to my delusion
Once again reassure me
Give me your love confirmation.

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