Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Old Friends

I was feeling sad the other day and had this as my Facebook status:  

It's so sad when the people you think of as your BEST FRIEND keeps on taking you for granted for so many years. Then you eventually feel stupid for holding on to the friendship, forgiving them for their neglect, making up excuses for them, accepting their apologies all the time...every time...refusing to see & accept that you are not really important to them as what they say, even though inside, you're already HURTING so much. It seems...NO... IT IS UNFAIR to your OTHER FRIENDS whom you don't call "best friend" but are always there for you in good times and bad times.

Someone once told me that it is unfair to label some friends as your BEST FRIEND, because it diminishes your other friends. I am inclined to think right now that he was right. But...still believing in the spirit of "best friend", I am glad that I still have one other best friend. And that one, really is the best! :)
This prompted me to reflect about GOOD OLD FRIENDS.  

Good Old Friends are like pieces from an antique collection. You never really know how much they are worth until someone else willingly pays a hefty "price" just to have them.  I am lucky not to have experienced this yet, because I value my friends greatly. 

I try to be with them in both good and bad times, especially the bad times when they needed me the most. I remember their birthdays and other important days in their lives, even though they don't remember mine. It's sad and sometimes I wish to forget. Sometimes I would intentionally forget.  There's this short poem I wrote back in high school...

"Despicably Good Memory"
by The Teen Lady Olivine

I have a good memory 
And I hate it sometimes
For reminding me of your birthdays
For making me recall the places we've been
For preserving in my brain your telephone numbers
For making me reminisce the moments we've shared
For bringing into my mind the pictures of your faces
For making me remember all of you...
When all of you have forgotten me!

Now, I wonder if these friends see me now as a rare piece from their antique collection, who is now lost to them...


Anonymous said...

hi... be upset if you want to..but move on.. next time learn how to "DETACH" yourself... make new friends and keep the old ones...if they do forget your birthdays.. remind them! important thing is you are still there for them.

Lady Olivine said...

Hi there.

Thanks for dropping in your two cents and for your concern. No worries though, it was just a passing moment that I'm sure most people experience. Just a reflection, a musing :)