Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asking Too Much

No promises
No commitments
No certainties
Not even assurances
Only vague hope
It is too much to ask
It is too much to even speak of
To even say a word
Even the slightest expression

Letters from a Young Mistress: Letter #1

15 May
Monday, 11.57

Dear Love,

I'm sorry I'm getting emotional again. I just can't keep the tears from falling. I am overwhelmed with sadness again. Gripped by the thought or should i say the fact that I shouldn't be with you. You seem very happy and with your life out there. Happy with family and friends. Happiness that could be ruined if they find out about us. But you tell me that I am the real happiness in your life. That everything else is fake. I want to believe that…I really do…