Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swimming Against the Tide

26 April 2009

Just keep swimming, swimming
Until I get to the bottom of it
And soon I’ll be swimming up
Or so I hope, despite all of it.

A Cry for Help

26 April 2009

I used to believe that dreams and wishes come true
Until I thoughtlessly fell in love with you
Now all I see is black and white
And found myself on the wrong side of right

Friday, April 10, 2009



• When I look into your eyes, my heart is torn between bliss and sorrow. My mind is racing with incoherent thoughts that make me cry because they all voice one thing--here's a man whom I love so dearly and who loves me dearly in return but will never ever be mine.



• I am a double-edged sword. You will love me, and you will hate me. Your choice--take me or leave me.


• At the end, I want to be able to stand on top of the rubles of my heart; and not lie crumbled with it.


• My heart is full of guilt and doubts. It is afraid to love you love you too much.



• Haven't you noticed how easier it is to make people cry than to make them laugh? It's because most people are eternally sad and only momentarily happy. Only a handful are truly happy.
• To my Love: "You only meant to save her but you failed to realize that she also needed to heal her wounds alone."

Letters from a Young Mistress

2nd Letter

22 Mar. 2006
Wed., 20.15


Am I upset? No. Unfriendly? I don't think so. That's how you reply sometimes. So I didn't think you'd mind if i do the same. I did it now coz I'm not feeling well. It's the first day of my period and I can't wait to get home, lie down and prop my feet up.

Letters from a Young Mistress

20 March 2006
Monday, 22.46

Dear Baby,

I know we still have way more than halfway to go through our relationship. And I am holding on to it with my dear life. I exert all the strength that I have, summon all the courage that I could, to bear the heartache and endure all the pain. But it is sad to say that I feel my strength and courage is already failing. Seems my ailing heart can't bear another pain or guilt. We should not be together. You have a wife, you have two wonderful have a family. And everytime you talk about anything that you do together, my heart breaks into thousand pieces. I am not jealous as you tell me you're just staying for the kids and I know that you love them dearly. I don't think it's jealousy. It's more of an unwelcome feeling. I feel like there's no room for me in your life. And I fear that there will never be. Everyday, I am gripped by that fear. Every night, I silently pray to God for more strength to carry on. Ironic because I know that what we have is wrong. But only God can help me. Every moment that I am alone, I cry.


30 November 2008

Why must we hide
and must not confide
the feelings inside
and just be alive