Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Learning to Unlove You

(A Poem)

I struggle every morning just to get out of my bed
Coz I stayed up late the previous night trying to get you out of my head
And the moment my mind awakes
Myriad thoughts and visions of you, it makes
I try to wash them off in the shower
But they get stronger and stronger by the hour
So I just fix my face with make up and put on a mask
And try my best to take on the day’s task

Every single day, wherever I may be, is a battle
No matter how I try to make my life a hustle and bustle
At work, I fight to stay focused on the job at hand
But still I keep checking my inbox for your messages that never come
At home, I strain my eyes on TV and DVDs
I read nonstop...school lessons, novels and book series
But still my mind wanders away from time to time
Thoughts of you persistently slip inside my mind

And when I lie on my bed to sleep, the battle gets worse
Thoughts and memories of you gain more and more force
Start prickling my heart and stinging my eyes
Both loving and unloving you, come with such a high price
So again and again I read, or play a game
Till my eyes can’t stay open, and my mind stop screaming out your name
I should stop loving you; I must learn to know how
And maybe start forgetting you...maybe someday...somehow

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