Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dear Spider-man,

(A Poem for a beau who looked like Tobey Maguire)

It still amazes me
how you fell in love so easily
And how far you're willing to go
With me, whom you barely know

Yet in your eyes, I clearly see
How much you love me, deeply
In your touch I feel the intensity
The power... The gravity

This feeling I share with you
I can hardly believe it's true
But you seem very sure
And you make me feel secure

I can never belie what I see in your eyes
Welling with tears of truth and no lies
Filled with love and devotion
How can I resist such fervent affection?

What else can I do but love you in return?
Maybe not as much as you do burn
Not yet, not now. But maybe soon I will
Just let time speak for us...say what it will...

by: Lady Olivine 



Candace said...

Hi! Great poem, I am a new follower from GoodReads. I would love a follow back at


Lady Olivine said...

Hi, Candace.

Thanks for the follow. I followed you back as well :)

You've got a quite busy blog there. And lots of followers and traffic, too! How do you do it? I can barely find time to read. I learned from one of your posts that you are already a mother. I bet just being a mother takes a lot of your time. I'm guessing you're a super mom! :)