Monday, July 16, 2012

Kill Me!

(A Poem by a depressed teenager)

Like a prisoner in a cold cell
In a very dark corner, I fell
It's like the dead end of my life
Can't do anything, I need a knife

Knife to cut me into small pieces
Like my shattered dreams, hopes and wishes
Death is the only way out I know
So please kill me now before I blow

Oh please someone have pity on me
Kill me and stab a knife on me
Fire me with a gun, or poison me
Do anything... but please, kill me

Someone please kill me and do it fast
Oh please kill me while my sanity lasts
I'd rather lie in a peaceful grave
That to fight this battle and be brave

I want to die and be buried
Be part of the earth is what I need
I want to fade away from this crazy world
So please kill me...I'm getting cold. 

by: Lady Olivine 

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