Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Walk in the Rain

(A Poem set on a rainy night while looking to buy a toothbrush. Rather silly, I know)

The night was young, and so are we
Not a care in the world, wild and free
With just a single thing in mind
A simple toothbrush, we hoped to find

And so, on we went and walked
While we cheerfully talked
Apprehensive of the approaching rain
Unsure if it would be boon or bane
And just before we reached the store
Big droplets of it started to pour
It poured some more...and more
Much harder than it did before
Finally in hand, the toothbrush we set to get
For which sake, this fate we met
We started our long way back
A wet and slippery track at that
You guided me and took my hand
So there we walked, hand in hand
But the cold wind blowing
Sent my whole body shivering
So I held fast to your arm
To keep myself warm
Then again, we continued walking
Soaked in rain but still laughing
Enjoying the walk, the rain, the night
Relishing the intimacy, feeling light
And though we weren't guided by the lovers' moon
Still blessed,  for we walked under heaven's boon. 

by: Lady Olivine 

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