Tuesday, March 06, 2012


It’s strange how I’d like it to be over
And yet I don’t
How I try to be brave and strong and act like it
But I am not
I force myself to forget everything about you
But I cannot
From the moment I open my eyes
Till the time I close them
You are there
Inside my mind
Etched in every convolution of my brain
Not vivid, no
More like a lingering mist
Like a diluted blood weakly pulsing through my veins
Not red, just a pinkish tinge
A faint memory
And yet the pain it brings is strong

I am alive and yet I am dead
I walk but I get nowhere
I talk but I say nothing
I leave, I go
But I don’t arrive
I’m floating
I’m hanging
I’m drifting
I’m fading…

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