Friday, March 16, 2012

Dating clichés that are actually true

There is always a scientific explanation...for the way things are...for how humans behave... for how both men and women behave...especially, us women. There has to be! I assure you, you're not the only one and you're not crazy :)

Anyway, here's an article that offers some scientific explanation that prove the following dating cliches are true:

Cliché #1: Hooking up on a first date probably won’t lead to love
Yes, this is true! So don't cozy up too much, too early....

Cliché #2: Beautiful women expect men to pay for their dinner on dates, and men are happy to offer
Excuse me! For me, it's an absolute rule that whoever asks, he/she should pay. Unless, the other offers, too.

Cliché #3: Men enjoy casual flings more than women do
Ah yes...can't argue with this ;)

Cliché #4: Men get uncomfortable when women cry in front of them that is why... Girls, read this and equip yourself with a weapon against men! Nyahahahaha!

Cliché #5: Bad boys are especially sexy
Uhm...not all, me thinks. There are those who are bad but good-looking and there those who are bad and also bad-looking. Har! Har!

Cliché #6: Men prefer younger women; women prefer rich men
Uhm...undecided on this matter. Probably true.

So, there you go, girl. Read and decide... Whether you believe or not, there's something you might learn and use to your advantage.

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