Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asking Too Much

No promises
No commitments
No certainties
Not even assurances
Only vague hope
It is too much to ask
It is too much to even speak of
To even say a word
Even the slightest expression

The eyes speak too much
They tell a lot
But yours tell me nothing
And yet everything
That I cannot ask
I can only pray and hope
That I must close my eyes
And blindly follow
To where…
I do not know

Have you never thought?
That it might be you
Who’s asking too much?
For my love
For my faith
For my trust
For my fidelity
Not to mention my time
And my freedom
In exchange for what?

There’s no promise
There’s no assurance
Not a word to hold on to
Not even your time
Ah…but there’s your love
That comes with a caution
But then again
Be prepared
Coz it may never happen

Makes me wonder
Where would love…
Take me?
Or leave me?

Maybe with you
Maybe not
That I may end up
Old and withered
Alone and lonely
And you?
Right where you are now
Not completely happy
But still happy somehow

Who’s asking too much?
Who’s giving too little?
Who’s getting a lot?
Who’s receiving too little?

I have waited too long
And have kept quiet all along
But I can only endure so much
Can’t forever keep my mouth shut

I ask too much
That’s what you say
And yet you do, too
Only you fail to see it


alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Hi there - just wanted to say thanks for your very sweet comment! Green definitely is the best color! Did you write this poem? How beautiful. Have a great week!

Lady Olivine said...

Hi, Alissa!

So nice of you to drop by my blogsite. Yes, I wrote this poem and all the others posted here. Thank you :)

Maybe you'd like to visit my other blogsite as well:

Thanks again.