Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Different Feet, Different Shoes

Just a while back, a friend of mine confided that she was dreading their upcoming high school reunion. When I asked her why, she said it's because she hasn't accomplished anything in life and she would surely be embarrassed when her high-heeled globe trotter former classmates would ask her how her life is. She's embarrassed to let them know that she amounted to nothing. 

My friend is a plain housewife and a mother of two, with a husband who's always struggling to find work. She said she’s nothing compared to her classmates whom she always sees in Facebook as a picture of success and happiness.  Pictures of promising and interesting career, out of town vacations, shopping of expensive brands, and eating out in fancy restaurants.   I can feel the sadness, regrets and envy in her voice. 

I gave her a similar advice I said in my previous post. I told her…

"You have different set of feet and different pair of shoes from them.  You have traveled different paths. Look beyond the pictures. Look at their lives. They may have accomplished more than you, but they may not even have to work for it. It is a sad truth that some were born with more privileges than us. Hence, getting things in life are easier for them.
So I told her, you may not be as successful but you may be a better or stronger person because you had to work harder. Look at it this way; your children are your accomplishments as well as your blessings.  You have two wonderful and adorable little girls who love you so much. They are your pride and joy. They are growing up to be smart and good children.  And they may not have grown as such if you were a working mother. And that’s how you are going to answer your friends’ questions."

To be honest, I also found it difficult not to be sad when my friend was confiding in me. I found it hard to find the right words to tell her because I also find myself in the same low moments. I, too, sometimes look enviously at my friends Facebook pictures and ask myself why I have not accomplished the things that they had, or why am I not able to do the things that they do. And then I remind myself of my own advice. We are born with different feet hence, we have different shoes. We travel different paths with different situations and circumstances. And the best thing we can do is to accept, adapt, and give this life our damnest best!

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