Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prayer for Peace

(A Prayer Poem by the teenage Lady Olivine)

It may sound like a beauty pageant answer but I do wish for world peace. Here's a poem I wrote back in high school. It may sound cheesy but it came from my heart and I thought to share it here as my Christmas wish for the world.
Here goes...

Oh God,
I know not how to stop wars
I know not how to control anger
I know not how to end battles
I know not how to kill hate
Wish I knew, please tell me how

People keep on fighting
Even end up dying
They care about nothing
Though some are suffering
Please teach them to love and care for others

It's not yet too late, I believe
There's still peace to give
I know coz I can feel it
And I can see some proofs of it

I believe someday peace will reign the world with your help
Like the way YOU let the moon shine on my face while I'm asleep
Or the rays of sun entering my window when I take a peep
Like the way YOU let cool breeze plant caressing kiss on my cheek
Or the blossoming of fragrant flowers ready to be picked
These may mean nothing to some
But for me they serve as hope for peace to come
So please, God, tell me I'm not wrong
Tell me we can still sing a song
Help us strive for peace
Help us, oh help us please...

Written in 1996  
By: Teenage Lady Olivine

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