Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lady Olivine

Lady Olivine is the embodiment of the woman I am, including the little girl in me, plus all the other women who have touched and have become a part of my life, in one way or another. 

Lady Olivine represents them all. Whatever you read in here - the poems, the stories, the thoughts - they come from the deep recesses of my mind in connection with the heart and soul of all the other women I have known. They are my thoughts, my stories, my life, and all other women's, too!

Lady Olivine speaks in and on behalf of all the women who are afraid to let their deepest and darkest thoughts be known to anyone.

I am Lady Olivine and Lady Olivine is me.

But Lady Olivine may also be you, your friend, your girlfriend, your wife, your lover, your mistress, your sister, your daughter, or your mother as well. 

Read through my posts and you may be surprised to find yourself in one of them...   

"I love love. I love life. Lies? Well, sometimes they are a necessary evil. Never hate life. It is God's greatest gift. It can be tough oftentimes but love makes it worth living. However, do not make the mistake of literally looking for love. Don't look, just make it! Just love with all your heart and love will come to you. It may not be in the form you thought it would be, but still it is love from whence you can draw strength."  - Lady Olivine

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the entries posted in this blogsite, unless stated otherwise, were written by Elsbeth Lara Santos who goes by the blogger names Lady Olivine, SheBlogger and Binibining Filipina Friend (BFF).  To protect my intellectual properties, let me state and make it known that no content of this site may be copied, downloaded, posted, reproduced, republished, or broadcasted in any way without requesting for a written permission from yours truly.  Although, I don't mind re-blogging or sharing of my posts in other social media platforms, proper attribution and back/source links must be appropriately given as my practice when I do re-blog other posts or images. Thank you very much.

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