Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Love and Lies

We all love. We all lie. Who doesn't? Sometimes we lie for love. Sometimes we just love to lie. Isn't that so true?

Sometimes love is covered with lies. Sometimes a person lives in two different worlds because of love. What is more painful than being loved in secrecy? What a bittersweet feeling, knowing that the person you love loves you as fiercely as you love him but cannot bring you into his real world. That he cannot find it in his heart of hearts the courage to.

The world you are in together? It is just a make-believe. A fantasy. It is such a horrible feeling, always fearing that you would wake up one day and realize that it's all just a dream. That he just strung you along and made you believe that someday, somehow, he would make everything alright--all right.

He might not have lied to you. He might have believed it himself. But the thing is, he wasn't brave enough. He realized he couldn't do it. He was too scared. And there you were, left alone. Shocked at the blow. But why would you be? You should have known it. You should have seen it coming.

A love born out of a lie will go nowhere. It seldom does. It rarely does. But you hoped that you would be one of those rare cases. Oh well, that is your folly. Who could blame you?

Love is a temptress. It lures you, seduces you. No one has the right to blame you. Anyone who has truly loved would understand you. Those who don't are ignorant of love. Sadly, they never knew true love.

Love lies. It even lives in lie to survive, to continue loving...even if it hurts like hell.


gizzle said...

"A love born out of a lie will go nowhere. It seldom does."

So true!!!

Lady Olivine said...

So true...

And yet a lot still hopes. My sympathy goes with them...