Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Forget to Remember...

In a fast-paced world and age like ours, we tend to forget too many things. We forget some errands, some things to do, dates, birthdays and other occasions.  We forget other people’s names, even their faces sometimes. We forget even family and friends… even those very close and dear to us. Or those who think they are as dear to us as we are to them.  People who have been with us in many difficult times of our lives. People who have helped us, supported us. People who took care of us, or were there to help our parents raise us.  

These are the people we should not forget. We may have grown up and matured and hence, don’t need them anymore, but we owe it to them. No matter how long ago it was... No matter how small the things they did for us… As long as they genuinely cared about us… You cannot deny that they helped in shaping us into what we are now. If we grew up to be brave and strong, it was because they guided us to be so. If we grew up to be loving and caring person, it was because they showed us love and affection.

So now that we have grown, we should give something back to them. It doesn’t need to be something huge and expensive. We just have to show that we are not forgetting what they did for us and that we appreciate it. Make them feel that we still appreciate them. Small inexpensive things that we give just especially for them would do. Just to show that we do think of them, that we are grateful.

They may not say anything, but you should know that they are expecting, hoping for some appreciation. It would make them very happy to know that you still remember. And would hurt them so bad if we forget... So let us not forget to remember them and the things they did for us. 

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