Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elsmer, My Sister

(A Poem for my sister on her Birthday)
26 August 2012

I have a sister
Her name is Elsmer
Not an ordinary name
Neither an ordinary dame

Strong-willed, stubborn
Like the month she was born
In typhoon frequented August
When storm wind blows in gusts

Raised in difficult times
Family living off nickel and dime
Grew up with not much comfort
Finished college with what I can support

Our life was not easy
Sometimes even crazy
Survived Mt. Pinatubo and flood
Continued living with our sweat and blood

Maybe that’s the reason
She can weather any season
And though she weeps sometimes
I know she can get over it in time

I know…I am sure
No doubt, she could endure
Anything and everything
Whatever life would bring

Because she is my sister
And I am a part of her
My strength, my wisdom
And she knows I’d always come

by: Lady Olivine 

Happy Birthday, Bungkokot ko! I love you! :)

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