Sunday, March 14, 2010

Four Days of Goodbye


Day 1

He appeared one Monday afternoon
Without warning, without being fetched
Suddenly everything is in tune
Bittersweet happiness so perfectly sketched

We stood still for a moment
Could hardly believe our eyes
Hearts sharing the same sentiment
Racing so fast, reaching the skies

We spent the afternoon looking back
Reminiscing, relishing, reliving
The past that we couldn’t bring back
So much for wishful thinking

Gave him my going away presents
Priceless, he said, they are
Though reminiscent of the mistake he resents
He’ll treasure them like a star

In the darkness of the theater
He held me ever so light
But I know him better
Knew he wanted to squeeze me tight

In the dim bar, he held my hand
And put it gently on his lips
While Lips of an Angel was played by the band
As if the singer knew our hearts in his quips

We left and walked hand in hand
Strolled through the city as it sleeps
Walked until too tired to stand
While each heart silently weeps

Time to say goodbye, my friend
Gave him a quick kiss for goodnight
I thought that was the end
So I hugged him ever so tight

Day 2 & 3

Then Saturday morning we meet again
So excited to spend the whole day
To be together until its end
Do whatever, come what may

We traveled down south
Enjoying the morning breeze
Contented without a doubt
So peacefully calm, perfectly at ease

We shared a hearty meal
With a heartfelt conversation
We were guided by what we feel
Though still felt the air of tension

Then spent the hot afternoon
Watching Great Expectations
While on the mat we spooned
Thinking of our own failed expectations

I could feel his breath on my neck
And I was in turmoil of emotion
My heart was feeling so wrecked
As we both controlled our passion

Surrendering, he turned me around
Squeezed and kissed me with so much ardor
I kissed back but cried without a sound
Suppressed feelings flowed in great fervor

I did not want it to happen
But I guess it was bound to
When lost love meet again
There is nothing you can do

He called out my name
As we became one
Said this is me, still the same
The same love, never gone

We shared the night
Like we once did before
Held each other tight
Knowing this will happen nevermore

We held on to the moment
Until the morning light
Tried to forget the present
Wishing with all his might

He tells me he is mine
He said it, over and over
Until the end of time
That I’ll leave his heart, never

I believe he’s still hoping
For us to be together
Maybe just wishful thinking
That we are meant forever

Day 4

Thursday, we meet again
One last time, one last chance
For his heart that will never mend
One last step, in one last dance

It was the night before he leaves
The last moment for him to hold
In his heart that painfully grieves
Bittersweet memories that must not be told

For no one would understand
No one would really believe
In the love he professes to have
For me, whom he can never be with

And it all happened too fast
The last kiss, the last embrace
Like a blast from the past
He vanished without so much of a trace

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